Dungeons 'n' Durags Updates

Wazzup peeps? Long time, no see 👀

It has been quite a while since I’ve emailed you. I apologize. What with all the crazy ish happening in this country right now—black men being killed left and right, a global pandemic, not getting a haircut in, like, forever—I’ve just been swamped. Here are some fun book and animated series updates:

  • Remember that lit agent I told you about in the last newsletter? The one who reached out to me in April (I first emailed her back in September). Well, after reading my full manuscript, I spoke with for over an hour. It was such an engaging conversation. I can tell she genuinely enjoys the book, but thinks we need more of a platform before she can represent it. She left the door open for me to reach out to her again. (Spread the word y’all)

  • The illustrator I’ve been working with created a bad-ass cover that will make your jaw drop.

  • I’ve started working with my BFFs JD and Yolanda (featured in the book) to make an animated series. Our plan is to put together a pitch deck we can take to people in the biz.

  • I’ve started interviewing people for a podcast I plan to put out shortly. Stay tuned.

Latest chapters

Since I emailed you last, I’ve published three additional chapters:

  • Chapter 20: My Relationship with Facebook is…Complicated: wherein I tell the story about the house negro and the dufus asshole on Facebook who helped me find the secret of life.

  • Chapter 21: Positive Ron: wherein I tell the story of how I “graduated” to the next level of Angry Black Manhood when one of my white social media followers stopped following me because I’m no longer “positive.”

  • Chapter 22: Waxing Philosophical: this is easily one of my favorite chapters in the book. Of all of them, this one is probably the most Tarantino-esque. Sam Jackson is back with another lesson in blackness. (You will never look at “The Karate Kid” the same again).

At the bottom of this newsletter is the full Table of Contents (for published chapters) with Medium friend links (e.g. won’t count towards your monthly limit if you’re not a Medium subscriber).

Spread the love

I don’t normally say this, but just this one time, feel free to share this email with anyone you think would enjoy this book. Also, be sure to share it with any Trump supporters you have not yet unfriended. 😂

That’s it for now. As always, thank you so much for your support.

All the best,

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